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Out-of-court legal assistance

Out-of-court legal assistance

Out-of-court legal assistance includes defence and legal advisory services provided in out-of-court disputes, this means in all those circumstances in which it is advisable to seek and settle disputes or issues of legal nature without going to court. The Salsone Law Firm provides legal assistance to obtain a clear, exhaustive and timely response.

Out-of-court assistance activities are focused on:

  • preventing disputes, thus avoiding the costs of a lawsuit to the charge of the client;
  • identifying solutions;
  • carrying out specific actions, whose correct performance depends on the provision of legal services.

Legal advice, on the other hand, consists in the professional’s evaluation of a specific substantial and legal problem, with the consequent determination of the most suitable solution to resolve it.

The Firm’s task is to adequately advise the Client.

The advice can be linked to a single question but can also be provided on an ongoing basis, guaranteeing the Client a constant and trustworthy professional service.

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