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Enthusiasm and competence are the fundamental elements of SLS – Lawyers and allow to maintain always high the quality of the legal service, making SLS – Lawyers a «boutique of the law». Moreover, the constant updating of the Lawyers and the support of a valid, and highly specialized network of counselors – for the subjects not treated directly – allow the Law Firm to translate the working passion in added value for the Clients, always guaranteeing a “sartorial” service.


The personality and professionalism of the lawyers of SLS – Lawyers guarantee a remarkable and effective capacity for action and productivity. Thanks also to a wide and qualified variety of IT tools that allow a constant supervision of the activities, the optimization of time, and management control, the service offered to the Client is timely, highly qualitative, and personalized.


SLS – Lawyers’ performances are the result of a complex and in-depth consultancy and defensive strategy, aimed at achieving a “tailor-made” legal solution for the Client.


SLS – Lawyers is a “boutique of law” and, precisely because of this particular feature, it has managed to establish a network of highly specialized and highly professional counselors, including academics.

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    The offices in Monza, Milan, and Rome, together with the offices where the network of counsel operates, allow us to be present throughout the country.

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    Our lawyers respond punctually and meticulously to the needs of Clients, ensuring expertise and experience.

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    The professionals belonging to our network allow us to offer our Clients the best advice and protection also in notary matters.

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    Advisor in business organization

    We can count on qualified professionals to support and advise Clients in the best way on legal issues related to their business organization.

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    Advisor in industrial organization

    Thanks to the support of qualified professionals, we guarantee our Clients a service of excellence in legal assistance related to the industrial organization of their business.

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    Accountant expert in foundations and ETS

    We are supported by accountants who are experts in foundations and third sector entities, in order to guarantee the best legal protection to our non-profit Clients.

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    Tax accountants

    With the advice of expert tax accountants, we support individuals, and companies to better extricate themselves in the tangle of tax legislation.

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    Bankruptcy accountants

    We rely on the best professionals to optimally support our Clients even in the difficult times of the business crisis and the liquidation process.

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    Accountants economists

    Thanks to our network of consultant accountants economists, we provide Clients with 360° legal support regarding the economic management of their business.

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    Financial advisors

    Supported by trusted and competent financial advisors, we assist Clients with their legal matters related to investments and preservations of assets.


SLS – Lawyers is insured for professional liability with policy n. 430269548 contracted with Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. for a maximum of € 10 million.
Antonino Salsone Esq., founder of SLS – Lawyers, is insured for professional liability with policy n. 157209954 contracted with Unipolsai Assicurazioni S.p.A. for the maximum of € 5 million.

SLS – Lawyers processes personal data securely, and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Code, the anti-money laundering legislation and the Deontological Forensic Code.

SLS – Lawyers uses modern data retention systems. SLS – Lawyers contracts its activities from the beginning of the relationship, clearly establishing beforehand the costs and the fees to be paid by the Client.

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