Antonino Salsone, Esq.



  • Degree in Law obtained on 13.JAN.1995 at the University of Messina.

Professional qualifications

  • Qualification to practice the profession of Lawyer obtained in 1998.
  • Registration in the Bar of Lawyers since 12.FEB.1999 – Court of Monza.
  • Registration in the Register of Lawyers in the Cassation from 29.APR.2011.

Skills and professional experience

  • Over twenty years of experience and competence in the following areas of civil law: contractual law, with particular regard to the subjects of obligations and civil liability (contractual and Aquiliana, with specific relation to that of a health nature) commercial law, company law, insurance law, protection and conservation of assets, arbitration law and procedures.
  • Over twenty years of experience and expertise in civil procedural law and litigation (assistance and out-of-court consultancy, as well as assistance, defense and judicial representation before the Courts and Arbitration Committees, the Courts of Appeal and the Court of Cassation).
  • Execution of the professional service – legal in favor of Public Entities of the provinces of Milan, Monza and Brianza, Como, multi utility companies supplying gas and electricity, companies carrying out the service of management and provision of health services in the territory of the Lombardy region, of companies, consortia, and cooperatives in the building and real estate sector, of engineering companies, companies carrying out the service in the field of control and safety at work, companies in the field of production and sale of luxury residential furniture, sports management companies, companies in the field of I.C.T. and cyber security, companies in the field of digital marketing and media relations, companies in the field of software production and hardware sales, companies and foundations in the social sector, education, vocational training, youth promotion, mentoring and assistance of the “senior citizens,” companies in the field of protection and collection of financial claims, companies in the field of private supervision, storage and transport of securities, companies in the non-food retail sector, insurance companies.
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