Alessia Rosito, Esq.

Manager and coordinator


  • Degree in Law obtained on 07.APR.2006 at the University of Milan – Bicocca.

Professional qualifications

  • Qualification to practice the profession of Lawyer obtained in the year 2011.
  • Registration in the Bar of Lawyers from January 16, 2012 – Court of Monza.
  • Registration in the Bar of the Supreme Court of Cassation from February 23, 2024.

Skills and professional experience

  • Civili lawyer, expert in corporate and commercial law, obligations and contracts, real estate, asset protection and conservation, legal advice and out-of-court assistance, litigation and arbitration, professional liability, insolvency and debt restructuring proceedings.
  • Joined SLS – Lawyers in September 2009.
Buone vacanze!

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